Friday, October 19, 2007

Walk Down Memory Lane

This is an open tag to all of those brave enough to also walk down memory lane and share pictures from their childhood. Post a reply here so I can go peek at them! Here are a few of mine...

The year was 1972 and this is a picture of me (at 2 years old) and my Grandmother. She was a wonderful artist who created silver jewelry in her upstairs studio. I can remember going up there and watching her sculpt her delicate pieces in wax. She was such an inspiration to me.

In this one, the year is 1973. I had just turned three and my Mother cut my unruly curls. I look like a boy!! LOL!

When I was 5 my parents socked away $20,000 in cash, quit their jobs and we lived on a sailboat in the Pacific NW and Canada for 2 years. What a once in a lifetime experience that was! I remember a lot of it quite vividly. After those first two years, we moved off of the sailboat and onto a much larger Trawler live-a-board for another two years or so. It was the time of my life! Growing up an only child, many of my BFF's were the dogs I had come to know on the docks and my cat Sam who lived on the boat with us. We would spend our days trolling for Salmon, digging clams at low tide or checking our crab pots. It's amazing with all of the seafood we ate back then that I still love it to this day.

I get asked quite often what nationality I am. Actually, I'm mistaken for a number of things LOL! I am African American, Caucasion, Cheyenne Indian and Puerto rican. Basically, Heinz 57 (;


shweetpotato said...

Ohhh So cute!! Ill have to post one of me on my blog, what fun, loved seeing your pics..cute then and cute now hehe, Carm

Two Dancing Crows said...

Thanks Carm! I'll go peek at your pictures too. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures of me back when I was a pip squeak (=

Crocketts Country Store said...

You are beautiful and oh what a wonderful life you had growing up, but I bet you missed siblings.

Linda said...

Hi, Kelle. I posted mine on my Linda's Blog. That was fun. Thanks for the challenge.


Sharon Stevens said...

I thought you were part black. My dd is the same as you minus Puerto Rican. My SIL is PR so my grandson is PR too as well. :-)
Beautiful foks you all are.