Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Help Me Name them Contest!!


I thought you all might enjoy seeing the newest members of our household. These Pug babies were born mid October and are pictured now at 2 weeks old. Are they cute or what!!?? All of them are spoken for and I haven't decided yet which one (s) I'll keep for the show ring. I think it will be a tough decision though.

Which one do you like best?? Ofcourse, they will change a LOT between now and adulthood. Even between now and 8 weeks old, which is when I'll evaluate each one to determine if they have show potential. Post and let me know which one you like best.

Also I need name suggestions and looking for nautical type names. These would be names that will go on their AKC registrations, so 2-3 word names are best. If they rhyme that is even better. Maybe a play on words. So post your name suggestions!! I'd love to hear them. PLUS, if I pick your name, I will send you a little prize package!! So get those thinking caps on and post. Be sure and post the suggestions on the blog here instead of emailing me. I'll announce the winner in a few weeks.

Girl #1

Girl #2

Boy #1

Boy #2


Neenee said...

Kelle, your pups are just adorable!
In response to your quest for nautical names (and terms) for your pups:

A Knotty Buoy
Barnacle Bill
Dock Holiday
Davy Jones
Jolly Roger
Peg Leg Picaroon
Sea Rover
Frederick Freebooter
Freida Flibustier
Dirk Doubloon
Careen Bumboo

If I think of any more, I'll be back!

Neenee said...

I'm back, lol - gotta get names for those pups!

Black Jack Boucan
Black Bart
Captain Jack
Captain Jack Sparrow
Long John Silver
Lady Killigrew ( female pirate)
Anne Bonny ( female pirate)
Abel Brown ( sea song)
Blue Peter
Bombay Jack
Bull Of Barney
Bumpkin ( nautical term)

terriermama said...

For some reason I kept thinking:

Olive Oil



Except you have two girls so we'd have to do Sweetpea, Olive and Brutus.

t/j said...

two names for the boys:
Shiver Me Timbers and
Chocolate Chips Ahoy I will check back with girl names later

They are so cute Kelle I would keep them all

t/j said...

Shelly Sea Siren and
Black Pearl of "kennel name inserted here"or sire/dam name

Arvay Pugs said...

Thank you all, those names are great! Keep them coming. I'm struggling more with thinking of a nautical name for girls. The boys seem much easier in that regard (;

Niki said...

Ok, here go a few of mine:
Captain Cooper
Honoray Ahab
Wind Shadow
Polly Pirate
Sailor Sam
The Stubborn Sailor
Sally Seahorse
Pufferfish Princess
Patchy Pancho
Percy the Pirahna
Nellie Neptune

Paula said...

Here are some from me:

Fathom and Abyss
King Triton's Pearl
First Mate Kate
Neptune's Daughter Coral
Bonny Mermaid
Ahab and Moby
Nimitz and Halsey(admirals)

Still thinking....

Shelley's studio said...

Starboard Sally
Portside Polly
Tigger Rigger
Mainsail Molly
Jiggy Jiggy Jib
Kiley Keel
Balast Bonny (thats for a fat one)

you said you were looking for girls names so thats what I stuck with....
Loopymcgee (Shelley)

Paula said...

Here are a few more:

Robinson Crusoe
Bali Girl
Island Girl
Aloha Alani

Robyn Regan said...

Oh my goodness aren't they the cutest puppies...good luck..but I would love to call one Robby's baby!!!

cheryl said...

What about Reef, Banks, or Saylor for a girl. Other boy names: Cruise, Anchor, Fisher, or Johnny Depp!

cheryl said...

Lady Sea Hawk is another one for a girl.

cheryl said...

what about Banks, Reef, or Saylor for a girl?