Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vintage Phone Obsession

Ok, well maybe not quite obsession....maybe just a passion or excitement. Who gets excited over a vintage phone?? I guess I do LOL! I think everyone should have one of these babies.

Do you remember that wonderful clanky ring? Brrrrr-ring, Brrrrr-ring. Can you hear it? Or what about the rapid tic, tic, tic sound as you are dialing the numbers on the metal dial? Or how about the solid feel of the heavy receiver when you bring it up to your ear?

Awww, it all conjures those nostalgic feelings.

Want to know what else these phones are good for? For one they work during a power outage, where the cordless won't. Because they are heavy they would make a good paperweight. If an intruder breaks in, they would make a nice heavy weapon in a pinch. I for one wouldn't want to be on the receiving end if one of these were launched at me.

I bought this one off eBay. Some of the older phones are quite valuable. Take for example the old Western Electric phones hold their value. They are heavy and have handsets made from Bakelite material. The 302 Western Electric phones can fetch a pretty penny. Most are black but here is one in white. So if you come across one in fine shape, snatch that baby up and put it on ebay.

The phone I have is a 1956 Western Electric rotary. It's vintage but not quite as old as the 302's. You can see the difference in body style. But I must say I absolutely love it!