Saturday, September 22, 2007

Waffle Cone Ornaments

My daughter Tay (who's 6) and I are working on some ornaments for our tree this year. I bought the most darling Snowcone pattern designed by Vicki of Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses and I just had to make it . Go take a peek at it and I'm sure you'll agree it's adorable!

Anyway, I decided instead of a snowcone, I'd make a waffle cone since I don't have any snowcone cups on hand at the moment. Good thing he's made from fabric or he wouldn't last long around here *grin*.

Taylen is such a great helper. She's in charge of staining the waffle cones and she's also the official cinnamon rubber-er. (:

Tay and I would like to make about 20 of them....some for our tree and some to attach to the top of Christmas gifts for family. I think they would get quite a kick out of them.


Terri said...

Soooooo very cute!! Love em! If you reach your goal of 20, I would love to see a pic of all of them together. How adorable that would be.


Sharon Stevens said...

What a great alternative! Thanks for sharing. Let us see the final result.

Xanthe said...

What a cute design...I like it better as a waffle cone!

Anonymous said...

Vicki is so clever isn't she Kelle. I love it!!! xxxRobby