Thursday, September 27, 2007

Little Boy Lost

I'm going to tell you a story, a true story that lives on in my that I don't talk about much. It has nothing to do with crafting or anything artful for that matter, but it is a part of who I am and if there is ever anyone that relates to this story, know that you are not alone.

Once upon a time there was a little boy, who at the tender age of 3 was stolen away from his Mother. Words can't describe the agony his Mother felt as the months went by and the light of hope grew fainter.

A Miracle happened one chilly october day when an angel named Jennifer called the Center for Missing and Exploited Children to report a man and a young boy in living circumstances that appeared odd to her.

It was a very scary day for a young hazel eyed boy who found himself and his abductor surrounded by more than a dozen officers with guns drawn. But he was saved that day.

His Mother was notified and drove many hours to go to him. As she was escorted by officers to the door of the safe house, a inner trembling began and she fought back tears. Tears of joy, relief, of anger....The door opened and a lady was holding the hand of the little boy who was contently eating a banana. He looked up and saw his Mother and flung himself into her arms. It was surreal for her. She was finally holding the child she feared she would never see again. He looked up and said "Where have you been Momma?". It took many years to answer that question for him and even to this day I sometimes wonder if he knows that I truly am here.

I've never met Jennifer, but she also saved my life that day. Tears well in my eyes when I think of what her one phone call did for us. It's astounding how it changed our lives and I believe that God sent an angel that day. Where ever you are Jennifer, we love you!

Jaryn is now 17 years old and no longer a little boy lost. The road has not been an easy one for him or any of us. But with Jesus as his savior he has found comfort and peace in who he is and who he is meant to be. Jaryn now serves the lord through various ministries and is also an intern for Teen Challenge. A program from which he himself graduated from. He soon plans on attending Masters Commission to grow more in his faith and become a youth pastor.

I love you with all my heart Jair-bear,

Love Mom


Robin said...

Oh my goodnes Kelle...I cannot believe you ahd to endure the worst horror a person could ever go through,,,not knowing where their child is....How wonderful for you and for your son that he was once again hom e and safe with you, and that he is becoming such a fine young man and servant of the wonderful that must be for you !!! God Bless you both !!!

shweetpotato said...

Ohh Kelle what a wonderful story, you totally made me cry, Carm

Robby said...

I thought you were going to write a story that happened in the paper or something....I can't begin to imagine all of the emotions that you went through Kelle!!!!! You certainly did have an angel looking out for you all!!! I wonder how you even began each day in agony. Thank God for you and your family and I hope that there are angels helping to bring other children home to their parents today. That is my biggest nightmare but it was your reality!!!! hugs to you!!!!!!!!!! xxxRobby

Two Dancing Crows said...

Thank you all for your wonderfully kind comments. It indeed was the hardest time in my life. But I do believe that God, in his ultimate wisdom had a plan and though at the time I didn't understand it, I can see how it has brought many positives to light for both Jaryn and I since that happened. It's hard to explain and probably more difficult to understand. But we are both stronger because of it and I think there is a purpose in that.