Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Studio Part 3

Are you still with me? If so, off we go with the rest of the tour...

Of course every studio needs a TV. Every now and then I watch HGTV, but that isn't too often as I find it on Sponge Bob more often than not. When my daughter is in the studio with me she manages to get first dibs on the TV. I swear I know every single episode of Sponge Bob by heart now. It's a good thing I like that funny yellow fellow (: We opted to mount the TV up on the wall. This works perfectly and is a great space saver. I also have a radio so at times I'll listen to music while I'm working.

This fantastic shelf I bought at a antique mall just as it is for $40. I love the color. As you can see it holds more fabric as well as some knick Knacks. In the drawers there is more supplies and the cupboards below hold more fabric. I should of taken a picture of the fabric in there too but you get the idea I'm sure.

I love that gumball machine. Of course there is no gumballs in it because if there were I'd end up with a tummy ache from eating them all! I have a terrible sweet tooth and love candy. If anyone wants to send me candy...Pez is my favorite (:

This old spindle baby bed was given new life with a coat of soft green. It used to have rockers on it but I took those off so it's more stable.

Believe it or not ever now and then I have a litter of Pug puppies that sleep in there. I bring them in the studio if I know I'll be out there awhile and need to watch them. It's adorable as their dam will lay in there as well nursing them to sleep.

I don't believe it's possible to have too much wool, do you? Here is one of my large barrels full of wool, just waiting to be used for doll hair, felting, etc.

All of this wool is cleaned and smells so good. Actually it smells like cedar because I keep it in a cedar chest but bring out smaller amounts for easy access to it.

Do you need some wool?? I have 6 x 9 inch bags stuffed as full as I can get them, if anyone is in need of some wool. This particular wool is a dark chocolate and some of it has blondish-golden tips. If you need some wool just contact me. It's $9.50 a bag and that includes postage in the U.S.