Monday, April 9, 2007

My Studio Part 4

As we reach the end of the tour, I wanted to give you the bigger picture and show you what my studio looks like from different angles. This room has been such a blessing and I couldn't ask for a better space to create in.

The view above is while standing just inside the entrance.

This view is looking the opposite way. That carpet we actually just changed this weekend and it's now a wonderful burber. Notice that on half the floor I have carpet and the other half is tile. Works well to have one table for painting sitting on the tiled floor instead of the carpet (:

So many little time. These dolls are just waiting for me to put them together. I must have 50-60 sewn doll bodies patiently waiting their turn.

1 Comment: said...

Kelle, I love your studio! so Lovely and well organized!!!
It inspires me to get my space better organized and fixed up. Thanks so much for sharing!