Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Studio Part 2

Back to the tour...

Here is a close up of the old drawer. I really enjoy using old or vintage items as storage. Not only are they functional but they have a lot of visual appeal. Note the little oil cans sitting on top. I have a little collection of oil cans and funnels. Not sure why I'm drawn to them but I just find them delightful!

Also you'll notice I use old metal pots like the robin egg blue one on the bottom shelf. These make great little catch alls.

If your a painter, it's a must to have a way to store all those little paint bottles. Right now I use this little spinning rack. Eventually I'd like to have hubby build me a wall unit where I can store all my paints as well as a built in rack for all my paint brushes. Just have to convince him that I really NEED one.

I love this chair. This sits next to my painting desk in case any guest come to visit or a small child needs a place to sit and help Mommy paint. It's a very comfortable chair too. I picked it up at an auction for $10 I believe. I think that was a great buy. It's amazing what you can snag at auctions for a song.

Most of the things you see in my studio either came from auctions, antique malls or even garage sales. Those places it seems the most interesting things can be found. So next time you see an ad in the paper about a upcoming auction or pass that garage sale sign you may consider going to it! You never know what treasure or bargain you'll find.

This mustard shelf unit I found at a garage sale. It was the ugliest thing until I gave it a make over. Originally it was just this ugly dark wood so I decided to paint it and simply love the results. As you can see it serves as a book shelf, fabric storage and of course display area for some of my goodies.

One can never have enough fabric you know. My stash looks puney compared to others I've seen. But it's growing! I don't know about you, but I have a hard time passing up fabric. Especially if it's beautiful, colorful and feels good to the touch. There's just something about yardage of colorful fabric. Shoot, fabric is a decoration all in itself!

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paintinbyfaith said...

OMGosh ... I am looking through your studio drooling when I run across your ABC plate ... did you buy that from me? I painted one just like it ... but didn't remember you buying it! What a major ego boost to see it (if I did paint it) on such a talented YOU's shelf!!!!