Monday, September 13, 2010

Pug Paper Weight

I recently made a glass pug paper weight. I love these! They look so neat because the image is magnified. They would make a great gift! Check it out on my Etsy Page


Ewe-N-Me said...

That really would make a neat gift! Good job (as always) Kelle.

homespun1 said...

Hello...I found you sweet site while researching on the Wonders of small Vintage Campers. I fell in love not only with your camper but you entire Blog! I love you blog sooo much that I became a follower and...drum roll...teehee..I posted about you on my actually have a bigger following than I do but..I am always eager to share wonderful finds with my few and dearly loved readers..Please drop in and see me and my post about "YOU"! Have a wonderful wonderful week!

homespun1 said...

I just realized much to my shame...I left out a lot of R's on my "YOU"S..sorry for the typo..:)