Monday, August 23, 2010

1964 Shasta Astroflyte

We have so enjoyed our little 68 Shasta Compact. However, we decided that we would like something just a bit bigger and so started searching a larger Shasta. I looked online at various vintage Shasta trailer's for sale and came across a 1964 Shasta Astroflyte. Some mistakenly call this a Astrodome. The difference between the two is the Astrodome's had a bathroom whereas, the Astroflytes did not. Plus the layout is different. I actually prefer this layout with the dining table in front and couch/bed in back. The plus to this trailer is the overhead bunk. From the outside it sort of reminds you of a mini fifth wheel.

This camper was located in Maine. After much debating on if we should drive the distance to pick it up ourselves, we opted to have a transport company deliver it for us. That just made more sense all around.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the little Shasta Compact. Hubby wouldn't let me keep both. Although I tried to convince him. But in the end we can only use one trailer at a time and storage was an issue. So the little Compact was sold last week to a very nice family. I was sad to see it go but happy that they will have their own adventures with her. Happy trails little wee one!

Here is the 64 Astroflyte. Isn't she a beauty!? I love her colors and interior. She even has a newer refridgerator. How nice it will be to have that instead of relying solely on the cooler. She does have the original icebox but I'll store that.