Wednesday, July 28, 2010

68 Shasta Compact Interior

I thought I would try and take some better pictures of the interior of our little trailer. I can't tell you how cozy and cute it is inside. Though I so badly want to decorate it. I'm just trying to figure out how without altering anything original. For starters, those uglee orange cushions I'm going to recover. But I'm going to leave the original fabric underneath. Also while I love the little cowboy curtains, I need to color coordinate so I'm thinking red fabric for the cushions? Hmm, have to think on that. The stove and icebox are green. You don't know how bad I want to repaint those! I'd love to do a robin egg blue or even pink! How fun would that be?

If I knew that I was going to keep this little trailer forever I'd paint the paneling. I've heard you really want to leave them as original as possible. So I'll decorate it as much as I can without altering anything. I'm already scoping out other Shasta's, much to my hubby's chagrin. I'd like an older "canned ham" style one. Maybe a 16 footer that's just a tad bigger (:

Anyway, here is the inside of my tiny little palace (hee hee) on wheels. I love just sitting in it. Not sure what it is but there is a cozy feeling in there and I can't wait until our next camping trip in this cutie.

Without the table.

With the table.

My little kitchen.


Connie McKenney said...

Did you really find this Shasta in this condition? I just bought one that would look like this one if it was new.... but mine needs a touch more work. I love it though. Can you recommend some resources? I'm new at this and very excited!

Lisa Smith said...

So, so happy to find your pictures of the Shasta! I just bought one last week and had thought someone had removed the original interior woodwork and replaced it with light paneling!! I'm relieved to see your interior is exactly the same, although I believe your's is in a little better shape then mine. The outside color is the same also. My son had it professionally washed on the outside today and I can' t believe the difference! After it is pressured washed and rinsed they use an acid wash. I'm sure YEARS of dirt was removed.