Monday, July 19, 2010

1968 Shasta Compact Trailer

I've always been a fan of vintage things and travel trailers are certainly included in that. Who doesn't love the "canned ham" look of these retro rigs going down the road? Or the small charming space within their metal doors? OK, well maybe some may not find them quite as endearing as I do, but I couldn't resist getting one of my own.

Introducing our 13 foot 1968 Shasta Compact. It's tiny on the outside but amazingly can sleep up to 5 on the inside. It has a bottom bed (where the table and benches are) that fold down and it's larger than a king size bed. Then it has the pull out top bunk that will sleep 2 kids easily. This particular Shasta is in original condition and great condition at that. Sorry it's not for sale.

I love the vintage fabric used for the curtians and pillows. Isn't it darling? I do plan on having the seat cushions covered over. Not recovered, but just covered over in order to retain the original seat cushion fabric.

We hope to enjoy many a camping trips in our little trailer. It's so cozy and tows like it's not even there. It weighs only 1200 lbs.


Get Campie! said...

your trailer is so cute! Thanks for stopping by our blog!
I'd love to share a few pics of your camper if possible. Do you have any tips to share our readers about buying a vintage RV?

I too am a big fan of the canned ham :)

DaisyToad said...

I just bought a 1958 Comet today, but am looking at a 1968 Shasta (a little larger for my family!) Love it!

billi j said...

Am going to get a '63 shasta compact tomorrow and am so excited!!! It's in very good condition. Any suggestions?

homespun1 said...

Well...I for one am soooo jealous!!
I adore your mini palace!! and long for something similar. I am crossing my fingers and hope we can score something on the cheap.
You Lucky girl you!!!

BillH said...

We purchased a new 13 foot Shasta Compact trailer in 1969. Our trailer had small wings on each side at the top back. I was wondering if these were added in 1969, or if you removed yours.
Your trailer is in fantastic condition.

Thomas OHearn said...

Your trailer is a 10 foot Shasta

Thomas OHearn said...

Hi Lovely Trailer, I have the same one. It is a 10 foot Shasta not 13. Enjoy

Thomas OHearn said...

Your trailer is a 10 foot Shasta