Monday, May 17, 2010

Redecorating the front porch ideas

So I've been doing a little redecorating on my front porch to create a little oasis for sipping iced tea and reading my favorite magazines. To start I decided to recover the cushions on this vintage metal crib that is now a day bed/couch. Instead of sewing it I took the easy route and used safety pins to secure the fabric in place...lots of safety pins. But the results turned out fabulous!

The next thing I needed was a little greenery for the ledge. I found these short crocks at a estate sale for $5 each. I bought four of them. Originally, I was going to go with cat grass but couldn't find any so I went with live moss. I think it adds just the perfect touch of green don't you?

The only thing I missing now is I'd like to find a narrow coffee table that I could redo by painting white and place it in front of the crib seat to have a place to set mail, magazines, etc., But it's coming along!