Sunday, May 11, 2008

Porch Make Over

Last year we had this ugly green indoor outdoor carpeting on our front porch. So one day I ripped it all off, much to my husband's horror I might add. For the last year I've been racking my brain what to do with it as I really didn't want to lay down more carpeting, but to take off all of the boards and replace them would of been a job.

So I broke down and bought some grey-bluish carpeting and spent several hours on Saturday installed it. I think it turned out looking pretty darn good and the kicker is...I did it all by myself! So I had a proud little moment of my handiwork once it was done.

The next project is the brick steps that you see a peek of in the second picture. Anyone have a sledge hammer? I wonder if hubby would mind?? LOL!



Deb said...

You did such a BEAUTIFUL job!
What did you use to keep it tacked down?

Theresa said...

Great job ! You can come to my house next :) :)