Sunday, April 27, 2008

Local Auction

I went to a local auction yesterday and came home with too much stuff! LOL! There was a "Country" store closing in Blissfield, MI. The building was two stories and quite nice. The building itself sold for $57k. I was surprised it went that low. Then the contents were next. The shop consisted of 90% primitive stuff. A lot of it made in the USA, which was good. It was sad though to see yet another retail shop closing ):

I came home with a small adorable pot belly stove. My husband bout had an attack...I now have 4 stoves of various styles including 2 pot bellies. Where I'm going to put it, I have no idea. First, I have to clean it up a bit. Inside of it there is a string of flicker fire type lights. It makes it look like there is a real fire inside.

I also bought a couple large Lee Middleton black dolls. They are so cute. They are closest I will get to those reborn looking ones...those actually kind of creep me out. But I think these two have really sweet faces.

Then I bought a few "lots" of misc stuff. It was a lot of fun...very crowded, but fun. I ran into one of my friends and we enjoyed chatting most of the time.It felt good to get away from the house for a bit and do my thing (:


NeNe said...


I love your stove. My daughter and I have a collection of stoves too. My husband just thinks I've lost my mind. Your dolls are beautiful. It's so much fun to get new toys!

Kelle said...


Yeah, don't you just love stoves. My husband certainly wishes I would collect things that are a bit less heavy (: He too thinks my mind is gone...oh well, at least that way I have an excuse.