Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is heaven like?

I don't know about you, but ever since I can remember I've day dreamed about what heaven would be like. Would I float around playing a harp for eternity? Would I fly like an angel? Would I be disembodied and only my soul would exist? Will my beloved pets be in heaven?

Hard questions to find answers to...or are they? The bible actually tells us more about heaven than we think. We just have to look. Randy Alcorn is an Author and Christian who I believe has found many of these answers that may have been overlooked by a lot of us, yet were always in plain site within the words of the bible.
This book is simply extraordinary and awe provoking. If you have ever wanted to know more about what heaven may be like, I'd highly recommend you read this book. Randy Alcorn bases the majority of the Q & A on biblical principles and based on those principles he includes what his own imagination sees as what heaven may be like for us. Simply put, this book has totally changed my own perception of what heaven may be like one day. I love his writing style and how he encourages readers.

Here is a link to read more about the book:


Rosemary said...

Kelley, Randy Alcorn is a distant cousin of mine! His last name is spelled a little different from my maiden name (allcorn), but my mother has talked to him and hes a very nice man. Shes excited about his new book. Perhaps this is it? Rosemary

Kelle said...

Hi Rosemary,

Wow, small world! I just love this book. I'm going buy my Mom a copy. She will really enjoy it as well.