Friday, January 18, 2008

Played "Hookie" today!

I ended up at a granite and cabinet shop sanding left over cupboard doors for a couple hours. Actually, I had to take my older son to a couple places today and the last one was where he works. Anyway, I meet his boss who said "I hear you paint cupboard doors" and took me to the back warehouse that is FULL of cupboards and all kinds of counters, granite, sinks, you name it. Anyway, he said to take what I wanted, grinned and walked back in to the building to his office.

Heavens to Merg-A-Troid!! My cheeks hurt now from grinning so much.

My son helps me grab about 10 new cupboard doors (NOPE I wasn't being shy at this point!) and we took them back into the shop, grabbed some sanders, grabbed a couple of the other guys working there and before you know it we were all sanding down my cupboard doors to get the finish/stain off of them so I could take them home and paint them.

It was a lot of fun. We laughed, coughed from the dust and just had a good ole time. My son kept snatching my electric sander though saying "give me that, your too slow". Guess that means I won't be hired LOL!

I was excited to get such a great gift as the doors because I've been itching once again to paint and they are a great surface! I'll post some pictures once I get done with a few.


Deena Davis said...

Wow Kelle!! Can't wait to see what you paint on them! How nice of him to give you those.

Old Crow said...
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Old Crow said...

You've been TAGGED - post 5 interesting things about yourself and then tag 5 more people.......

Hugs, Donna D.