Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mini Monet'

My 6 year old daughter Tay has such an artistic heart (takes after me (:). She spends a lot of time with me out in my studio painting, drawing and even sewing! This is her latest painting and I told her she's a mini Monet' the way she uses the colors and showed her some pictures online of some Monet' paintings. She was impressed. As much as a 6 year old could be anyway.

She was excited when she saw I scanned it for all of "Mommies computer friends" to see. So here it is in all it's glory! Don't you just love it? Ok, I'm just a tad bit partial but honestly art created by children, other people's children or my own is so delightful. There is such an innocent sense about it and there are times I wished I could paint like she does. This is one I'll treasure (ok, among the 100's of others she's done too (:).

P.S. She wants me to let you all know that his bowtie at the bottom is actually pink hearts. Can you see them?


Craftisan said...

Please tell Taylen that I see the hearts! and that she did a great job! What a happy painting :)

Deena Davis said...

Great Job Taylen!!! I love the hearts!

Two Dancing Crows said...

Thank you guys! I read what you both wrote to her and she wanted to add that besides an artist she also plans on being a rock star and says you can have back stage passes to her concerts (: I tell ya, this child is such a dreamer. I just love it!