Saturday, April 28, 2007

Recycled Purses

These are so fast and easy to make. This is a little purse I made for my daughter using a 12 month size little boys romber. You simply cut just above the crotch line, turn wrong side out and sew a seam across the bottom and one half way up on the sides of the bib area.

My 6 year old daughter loves it. She even has little pockets built right in to put small toys or some coins.

Voila! It's as easy as that. It only took me about 10 minutes to do. I think if you have some outfits your child wore as a baby or toddler, you could create some neat keepsakes. Or pick some up at a thrift store or garage sale. You could even make one for your Mom for Mothers Day, using your childs outfit and create a purse or handbag for her. It certainly would be something she would treasure.

My 11 year old son came out into the studio and was quite impressed with it. I swear I even saw a glint of "gosh, wish that wasn't such a girly thing, cuz I'd almost like to have one of those" in his eyes. But it was fleeting at best (=

My daughter sporting her new purse below. You could make these using little girls dresses too. The ones that have the straps similar to these work best I think. I've seen some neat ones created from demin jeans also. Very creative and a great way to recycle too.

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Monica said...

Fantastic idea Kelle, love it.! Going to check the op-shops (thrift stores) tomorrow to find overalls, my step-daughter will love them....