Friday, April 27, 2007

Cooky Press

I found this mint condition "Cooky Press" while treasure hunting at a local antique mall. I don't think this one has ever been used. I just love these, although I can't bake cookies to save my life. Unless of course they come from a tube in the dairy isle. Even then you might as well count on them being a bit burnt.

My poor children. I don't think they know what a non-burned homemade cookie taste like LOL! One of these days though I'm going to get the hang of this whole baking concept and hopefully give them a new taste experience (a good one) with some homemade cookies.

I think this would also be a fun tool to use with clay. Imagine all the fun designs you could make. In fact my daughter already mentioned that she needs this for her playdough...ummm, sorry hun not this one (:

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tana said...

kelle, get your daughter something like this:

(i'm not the one selling it ... and this isn't quite what i was looking for ... i have a little tube shaped thing, maybe 1"x4" that will "extrude" strings'n'things for clay or whatever, that's what i was trying to find ... but i don't know where mine is, so i can't take a pic of it for ya, sorry!)