Monday, April 16, 2007

Outdoor Decor

I love this old birdhouse! I found a old tall porch post that I attached it to, dug a deep hole and now it sits in our front yard. You can see part of our front porch in the background. I love sitting out there when the weather is nice and watching the birds.

Here's an old (HEAVY) wood door that sits on the porch. That green bench is great because it's just the right size to sit some treasures on. Makes a nice corner display.

This is one of my favorite scales! It has so much characture and looks so worn, I just love that!

Along our white picket fence out front we have a variety of birdhouses mounted on the fence. Here's one of my favorites.


old world primitives said...

I really like the corner display (including the old door!) on your front porch!

Two Dancing Crows said...

Thank you! I just love old doors. I'll have to take some pictures of some of the other old doors we have. A couple of them were actually made into tall corner shelves by cutting a door in half. Very neat! Glad you liked seeing the display and thank you for commenting (: