Sunday, April 15, 2007

Never too old for make believe!

At least that's the way I feel, that your never too old for make believe! I was at a mall the other day and found this sweet little metal stove and refridgerator. I was just so drawn to them. Aren't they the sweetest things? I love the colors. Time to get cooking, imaginatively speaking of course.

The fridge is about 14 inches tall by 8 wide.

There is even room for little pretend parishables (:

The stove is a heavy little thing and is about 16 inches wide x 14 tall and the fridge is about 14 inches tall by 8 wide. I guess now I need some little food stuff to go with it. Wouldn't little cupcakes look so cute with the stove?


Terri said...

Oh yes! Cupcakes with lots of fluffy pink frosting on em!


deena said...

Those are toooooo cute Kelle!!!


laffinpunkin said...

Kelle, those are just adorable! And just my colors! I love them! I'm not into primitives but come and visit my blog, you'll see a lot of pink and aqua! Oh, and you have to see the faux cupcakes I bought....they are beautiful but I want to take a bite out of one everytime I go into the kitchen! Lol!

Two Dancing Crows said...

Thank you Terri and Deena (:

Donna, your blog is wonderful! I'm a big fan of altered art! Tried a little myself and as a matter of fact I have some paper bag books sitting here calling my name. I'd love to exchange blog links with you if your interested. Just let me know and keep up the beautiful work!