Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feeding my little stove obsession

So last weekend I went to Luna Pier days. Luna Pier is a darling little waterfront town we have not to far from where we live and every 4th of July they have a festival of sorts. The entire town is like one giant garage sale. Fun stuff! Anyway, I was telling my girlfriend how I was peturbed at myself for passing up a salesman sample stove I saw at one of the sales. It was identical to one I already have so I guess I was trying to have a practical moment and resisted buying it. Well, I sort of kicked myself afterwards.

Anyway, so I'm browsing Craigslist today and saw this ad with this little mini potbelly stove and immediately emailed the owner. She said she still had it so I stopped by and picked it up on my way to an appointment. It's heavy cast iron and 8 inches tall. It's bigger than I thought it would be. Guess how much I paid for it?....$3 bucks! So getting this little gem sort of made up for my brain burp the other day of not snatching up the other little stove from the sale.

Not sure what it is about stoves that has me so captivated by them but I just love them! I have 3 full size ones in my house; one pot belly and two cook stoves. If my kitchen was larger I would love to have a real antique cook stove and a retro fridge (:

Anyhoo, I feel satisfied now that my obsession has been fed and have the little stove sitting on top of my antique sewing cabinet.