Monday, March 31, 2008

Are you a Comfort Girl?

Well, unless you are a man. That would automatically mean you aren't (:

I would classify myself as a comfort girl. Little comforts though...not big gar-gantuan (How DO you spell that anyway?). Little comforts for me are:

- Soft and roomy sweat pants
- Covering up with a electric blanket on nippy winter nights
- A bowl of ice cream
- Curling up with a good book
- Snuggling with hubby while watching a "Chic Flick"
- A brand new pair of cotton socks
- Having hubby wash my hair
- A blazing fire to sit near on a cold night
- One of Pugs snoring softly in my lap
- My Mothers voice

So what are your comforts? Are you a comfort girl too? If you are, then consider yourself tagged and go share your comfort list with all of Blog land (: