Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Mother Ship Has Arrived!

With fabric that good friend Nancy called me yesterday to tell me about an estate sale she saw advertised in the paper. So once I put the kids on the bus, off I went. Oh my word, the lady must of been a serious quilter! She had one wall lined with bookcases full of quilting and sewing books. She also had two very nice Janome sewing machines. Very expensive Janome's too I might add. What drew me was the fabric. I'm talking an entire room FULL! Stacks and stacks of scrumptious cottons. I was in eye candy heaven! There was a ton of 2-4 yard pieces at $1 each! Then taped stacks of 2-3 yard peices for $2 each. I was loading up I tell ya. I had a stack in my right arm that was under my chin. Thankfully, one of the gals that was helping with the sale came and took my first bundle to set it by the checkout. arm was killing me but I was willing to endure the pain in order to get that fabric! I was a woman possessed! I found this small print raggedy ann and andy fabric that is just adorable as well as many others to my delight. What is it about these fabric fetishes? It's not like I don't have enough as it is now. But the impulse to buy it at deep discounted prices is just too much for me to resist. So onward my stash grows. Each piece patiently waiting for me to create something with it.

I also bought some shears ($1 each) and pinking shears ($1 each) as well as several boxes of new and like new thread. Finally I bought a Singer button holer and a cute little vintage Singer zig zagger.

I could of bought a bunch more but didn't want to be greedy. Now...what can I make with all this? Hmmm...doll dresses, a quilt, tablecoth.....


kmclaughlin said...

wow! thats awesome!! i wish there was sales like that around here!!!

Neenee said...

Mother Lode is right!!! Awesome find Kelle!!! Congrats!!

Karen said...

Are you sure it wasn't Santa Claus, Kelle? I had to laugh when you said you didn't want to be greedy! I'm glad you were able to help the lady unload her stash.
BTW, estate sales...I seem to collect nice scissors at estate sales, too! I've gotten some really good ones, I have myself, my daughter, and my sister supplied. I just tend to grab the scissors.

Sher said...

Such a deal and what FUN! Did you ever look in any of the other rooms? LOL!

Two Dancing Crows said...

I was so focused on the fabric and notions that I barely looked at the other rooms in the house (:

I hear ya Karen about scissors. I seem to never have enough pairs. Someone in this house manages to snatch them to use for something and then it seems weeks or months before I find them again.

I must say I finally feel like I am up there with the ranks now that I have an actual fabric "stash". Just need to find some time to sew (=