Monday, August 20, 2007

Today We Fly...

I love the look of altered art and this is actually 5 x 7 painting I did over the weekend. It's painted on canvas board. I guess you would catagorize it as mixed media because I used a couple stamps along with the painting. I really like how it turned out.

I have to tell you all a funny story though. My 6 year old daughter was out in the studio with me and both of us we finishing up our latest masterpieces *grin*. She came over to look at this painting as I was putting on the last touches and said "Mom, I think we have a problem with this painting". I replied "Yeah hun, what's that?". She says "Um, this lady's head is WAY too big for her body". LOL! I told her it's suppose to look like that.

She just gave me a bewildered look. Hee hee!


Kathi said...

very kewl Kelle! funny about your daughter!

Tina said...

Very nice Kelle!!