Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Love Affair in Vintage Print

I must say I have this love affair with vintage fabrics. There is just something about the colors and prints. If I could I'd likely horde all the vintage fabric I could get my hands on (: There is simply something wonderful about it. I have a stack of vintage yardage that is truly eye candy all it's own. It makes it really difficult to think about cutting it!

Do you enjoy vintage fabric? Type a reply post and let me know what your favorite type of fabric is.


KEYNOTER said...

Hi there, My name is ellen and I'm here via Blogher! I love stripes and am at present trying to get some nice striped bed linen. I see Ralph Lauren are doing nice ones but they sure cost a lot.

You're site looks great!

Two Dancing Crows said...

Hi Ellen,

I like to search antique malls and thrift stores for various fabric. Sometimes you can find great pieces that way and linens.